Manual Machining & Precision Honing Services



Minimatics is a trusted source for ITAR registered precision honing and manual machining services in Silicon Valley. For over 60 years, Minimatics has dedicated itself to expertly machining and honing small, complex parts with an array of manual equipment. Our manual machining department has evolved to satisfy the exacting standards of the aerospace, medical device and telecommunications industries. Minimatics maintains an ISO 9001:2015 certified quality system that leverages continual improvement to refine operational processes and enhance customer satisfaction. With a strong emphasis on customer service, quality, and workmanship, we are committed to fulfilling customer requests regardless of their complexity. Minimatics will tirelessly work with you to assist your job’s progress and optimize its outcome no matter its size or scale.

Precision honing is a detailed manufacturing process used to accurately produce specified features and interior diameters on complex / intricate parts. Precision honing can remove excess or ruptured metal, finish or polish a part’s bores and interior surface to help ensure that it is ideally shaped. Minimatics is often asked to completely optimize the bore size / geometry of a part as well as it's surface’s finish and structure. Utilizing horizontal precision honing equipment from Sunnen, Minimatics can precision hone long, narrow interior diameters to remove excess stock material while maintaining extremely tight tolerances in the process. The department constantly runs at least four Sunnen precision honing machines with bore diameters ranging from 0.060” to 3.5.”

We appreciate that precision machining can be both a science and an art so we do not hesitate to recommend using our manual machining capabilities if they can save you time or money on a job. When low-volume or prototyping projects demand manually machined solutions, we have multiple Hardinge Tool Room Lathes, Hardinge Chuckers, Lagun (Bridgeport-Type) Mills, Horizontal Bandsaws, a Vertical Bandsaw and Lapping equipment with a 24” plate.

If you’re interested in learning more about Minimatics’ precision honing or manual machining services, please contact us today. We can be reached at We’re happy to answer any questions you have or respond to any RFQs.