Precision Machine Shop in
Silicon Valley

We Are a Machining Company That Builds Custom Parts

Precision Machining In
Silicon Valley

We Are a Machining Company That Builds Custom Parts

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Founded in 1961, Minimatics Inc provides precision machining services to the high-tech community in Silicon Valley and other locations around the globe.

Our company name, Minimatics, is derived from the Greek suffix -matos, meaning “willing to perform” and the Greek prefix -mini, which means to make smaller. Thus, we have always distinguished ourselves on our ability to make smaller, more complex parts than other machine shops. Our machinists differentiate themselves by machining tight tolerances that are 1/30 of a human hair (.00005 inch). Not many other manufacturers can achieve this level of precision without sacrificing quality or consistency.

Polished Steel Extrusion Die and Tips
Satellite In The Rays Of Light. 3D Scene.

Aerospace Machining

As an ITAR-certified machine shop, Minimatics tirelessly strives to deliver superior precision machined parts on time and on budget that meet the exacting standards of the aerospace industry.

Doctors in Operating Theatre

Medical Parts

Silicon Valley medical and biomedical firms depend on Minimatics’ machine shop to produce parts with complex geometry and tight tolerances.

Antenna Communication Satellite Dish And House Roof


Minimatics knows the unique material and quality standards required of an elite telecommunications vendor.

Commonly Used Press Brake Dies

Minimatics is a Bay Area machine shop that has a full array of manual machines that can be utilized for R&D purposes and secondary operations when needed.

CNC Milling Centers, CNC Turning Centers, Manual Equipment, and much more.


Minimatics worked as hard on our parts... as our own R&D people did!

- Medical Device Manufacture -

Minimatics is one of our top vendors; they understand the importance of our needs.

- Telecom Company -

Minimatics has aided us in reviewing specifications, providing us with meaningful suggestions on improvements - This is Greatly Appreciated.

- Gov. Subcontractor -

When asked what Minimatics can do to improve our service to your company? Two answers we received were "Already providing the best service!" and "Continue to do what you are doing."

- Telecom Company -

At Minimatics, we strive to consistently Meet Customer Requirements and
Increase Customer Satisfaction

We do this through Continual Improvement of our Manufacturing Processes and Customer Service. We achieve this through the highest ethical standards while maintaining:

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    Respect for the Environment

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    Safe Work Practices

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    Dedication and Understanding of Our Customers Needs

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    Pride of Workmanship

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    Continued Improvement

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