Equipment List

CNC Milling Centers

Doosan DNM 5700
Our 2 Newest Mills are Stable, Powerful, Extremely Accurate CNC Mills. They have large working envelopes. These Mills can move 20" maximum up / down travel under spindle Z axis, 41.3" maxumum right / left X axis travel and a 22.4" maximum in / out Y axis travel.

Mori Seki SV-50 and SV-503 Vertical Milling Centers
Working envelope 22" x 31.5" x 22" - Simulated 5 axis (2axis Rotary Indexer) -- Powerful, Extremely Accurate, Super-Fast CNC Mills - These mills can handle the Toughest Materials.

Haas Super Mini's CNC Mill
Haas Mini Mills are the industry standard for compact machining centers. The part envelope is 16" x 12" x 10" - 6,000 RPM range with a 10 tool Auto-tool changer. They are a valuable addition to our shop where "second-op" and quick setup milling is required.

CNC Turning Centers

Okuma Multi-axis - CNC Turning Centers
These State-of-The-Art CNC Turning Center can often produce complex parts in one setup, thus eliminating secondary operations and enabling us to hold very accurate tolerances. These machines are like having a CNC turning machine and CNC milling machine all in one package. The Okumas can handle through the spindle material up to 2-1/4"and can Chuck a maximum diameter if 8"

Hitachi- Seiki HITEC - TURN 20J
Very Ridged - Large CNC Turning Center; the Hitachi-Seiki's can handle 2" through the spindle and can chuck a maximum of 12". Major advantage to this type of machine is fast setups, High Spindle Speeds (7200 rpm) and a very ridge platform.

Hardinge TALENT 8/52
`This is a Slant bed CNC turning center that has similar capabilities to our Hitachi-Seiki. Material through spindle 1-3/4", chucking 8-1/4"

STAR SB-16's CNC Swiss Turning Machines
The benefits to Swiss type turning centers are their ability to make very small parts and LONG length to diameter ratio parts. These machines can also pick up and support the parts as they are being cut off the material bar to produce a virtual "Burr Free" turned part. These machines can also do back working and milling on our customers parts, thereby eliminating secondary setups, and producing solid geometric tolerance.

Haas Office Lathe 1
Quick setup - CNC controlled 2nd operation lathe. This CNC controlled Lathe can be move easily within our shop to support other machines for second operations where needed. This allows us to use our workforce more efficiently and streamline production.

Hardinge Super Precision NC II Turret type 2nd op lathe...
it maybe old but it is rock solid. Great tight tolerance / 2nd op capability.


ER-25 Index Hydraulically activated 1" capacity automatic screw machines.
These machines tend to be setup for longer run jobs and are not capable of the tight tolerances held by modern CNC equipment.

Manual Equipment

Minimatics has a full array of manual machines that can be utilized for R&D purposes and secondary operations when needed.

  • Lagun (Bridgeport Type) Mills
  • Hardinge Tool Room Lathes
  • Hardinge Chuckers
  • Horizontal Band Saws
  • Vertical Band Saw
  • Sunnen Hones - bores from .060" to 3.5"
  • Lapping equipment 24" plate