Fiber-Optics & Communication Systems

Founded in 1961 on the San Francisco-Bay Area Peninsula, Minimatics has extensive experience producing components for the communications industry dating back to the early origins of radar. In our 50 plus years of operation, our high precision machined parts can be found in communications systems ranging from fiber-optics to Doppler radar.

Regardless of your project's scope and size, Minimatics' performance will meet your industry's exacting standards on time and on budget. With a diverse customer base that spans startups to Fortune 500 corporations, Minimatics knows the unique material and quality standards required of an elite telecommunications vendor. We specialize in precision machining parts from low expansion alloys like Kovar, for metal to glass seals. We also only utilize Sulfur Free cutting fluid in order to prevent contamination / "outgassing" in the final stages of part assembly.

Delivering an exceptional level of quality to our customers is paramount to Minimatics. Our manufacturing system conforms to ISO 9001:2008 standards and receives annual outside audits to re-certify its status. Minimatics also is capable of completing ITAR designated projects in accordance with the International Traffic in Arms Regulations (ITAR) administered by U.S. State Department Directorate of Defense Trade Controls.

Sulfur free cutting fluids
To meet the needs of many of our customers with special
applications, we use only sulfur free cutting fluids.

ITAR Registered

ISO 9001-2008 Certified

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