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Four Cincinnati vertical machining centers
60" x 30" x 35" These are fully automated for 24 hour operation to
match the ever-increasing demand for higher speeds, greater accuracy
and faster throughput capability. These machines deliver new levels of
machining precision and peak performance in all materials from
aluminum to high alloyed steels.
  Two: Mori Seki SV-50 Vertical 22"x31.5"x22" Milling Centers
Equipped with Tilting 2-Axis Rotary Indexer. Powerful, extremely
accurate, Super fast Mill. Great machine for production runs in tough
to machine materials.
  Two: Okuma Multi-axis Turning Centers
These state-of-the-art turning centers can produce a complete part in one setup, while machine shops possessing only lathes and mills require multiple setups to machine the same part. These machines also have the ability to turn off center and perform spindle stop operations for cross milling, drilling, threading and boring. The ability to carry out all of these machining operations in one setup enables us to us to hold very accurate geometries on complex parts. These turning centers can accommodate bar stock up to 2.5 inches in diameter through the spindle as well as a maximum chucking diameter of 8 inches.
  One: Hitachi-Seiki HITEC-TURN 20J 
Maximum material size through spindle; 2”. Chucking Capacity; 12”.
Spindle speed is 7200 rpm. Can handle a wide variety of materials.
Major advantages are: fast setup, hi spindle speed and a very rigid
platform to work from.

  Two: Star SB-16 CNC Swiss Machines
Long length to diameter turnings are typically complete off the
machine. In addition to long thin parts, the versatile Star SB-16
specializes in miniature parts. The Star has a pickup spindle that
will hold on to each part as it is being parted off, insuring clean
burr free parts. In addition, after the pickup spindle has acquired
the part it can be used as a secondary chucking spindle for back
drilling, taping and milling operations. This system insures highly
precise locations on features that would normally be machined on
secondary operations equipment. The Star SB-16's tooling array can
produce highly accrete complex parts with no deburring. Multiple
operations on one machine means lower cost parts for our customer.
  One: Index GS-30 (4 axis) Turning Center
Maximum material size through spindle 1 3/16". Chucking Capacity 5".
This machine has two turrets (Live tools in each). The GS-30 also has
a pickup spindle, which allows for finishing other features on the part
via the back working tool block (will also accept live tools).
  One: Tornos Bechler ENC 164
Turning Center 5/8".The Tornos is a 4-Axis Swiss machine with a
driven pickup spindle which allows the part to be finished with back
working tools. There are two driven (live tool) upper cross slides for
machining side holes or side tapping operations. The Tornos like other
Swiss type machines is ideal for long length to diameter ratio parts.
  Five: Automatic Screw Machines
Index ER-25 Single Spindle Screw Machines, 1". These are hydraulic hybrids of the traditional cam controlled machine. The ER-25 is very a flexible machine. They are excellent for long production runs and for running part families where a group of parts can be machined together under one setup. This reduces the unit cost to the customer.
  Two: Hardinge Super Precision CHNC Chuckers 3"
Hardinge Super Precision CHNC Chuckers 3" max turning diameters.
High Precision NC Chucker for short runs and secondary operations.
    One: Messma Kelch Cutting Tool Presetter
  Manually Operated Machines
Three: Hardinge Toolroom Lathes 1"
One: Hardinge Chucker 1 1/8"
Two: Schaublin Turret Lathes 1"
Two: Levin Instrument Class Lathes 3/8"
Three: Lagun (Bridgeport Type) Manual Mills 20" X 15"
Two: Drill Presses 1/2"
Three: Horizontal Band Saws
One Vertical Band Saw
  Grinding, Honing and Lapping
One: Harig Surface Grinder 12" X 18"
Two: Agathon Carbide Tool Grinders
One: Star Carbide Tool Grinder
Two: Sunnen Hones 3.5" Capacity
    Lapping Equipment
One: Hyprez Lapping Machine (Three Ring) 24"
One: Lapmaster Lapping Machine (Three Ring) 12"
  Finishing Equipment
Five: Levin Deburring Lathes 5/8"
Nineteen: Vibratory Units
Two: Tumbling Units
Two: Centrifugal Harperizing Machines 1 cu. ft.
One: Kleer Flow Parts Cleaner (H2O based)
  Inspection Equipment
One: Mitatoyo B231 Coordinate Measuring Machine 28" X 24" X 18"
One: Merlin Multi-Axis Video Measuring System
One: Complete GageTalker SPC System
Two: Nikon V-12 Optical Comparators
One: Cadillac Height Gauge
Five: Inspection Grade Surface Plates
One: Alina Surface Finish Tester
One: Surftest III Profilometer
Six: Nikon SMZ-1 Microscopes
One: Bowers Digital Bore Gage
Complete Gauge Pin Sets, .020 to .750 in half-thousands increments,
in both +.0002 and -.0002 ranges.

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