Medical Parts Prototypes & Production
Silicon Valley medical and biomedical firms depend on
Minimatics to produce parts with complex geometry and tight
tolerances. New products & technologies often require new
methods of working materials to more precise tolerances. We
are experienced at developing new parts and determining
how best to machine a specific material.

Minimatics makes house calls
Your success is important to us. Working closely with your
R&D department is the beginning of the manufacturing
partnership that Minimatics builds with all its clients. Call us early in your development process so that we can provide
input & assistance to make your parts, more cost effective
and efficient to manufacture.

Minimatics service
Prototyping with quick turnaround. Come by and pick up
your parts, or request delivery to your facility ASAP.
We have purchased machine tools with the sole purpose of
manufacturing medical device parts in the most
economical way.
Your production runs from the small to the very large can be produced at our facility.
Your Proprietary information is safe with us. We routinely
sign Non Disclosures with our customers.

Sulfur free cutting fluids
To meet the needs of many of our customers with special
applications, we use only sulfur free cutting fluids.

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